SkyeCreative Interactive Training



For the past 20 years, SkyeCreative has been active in multimedia/presentation/web conferencing, and has worked in the Medical Education, Advertising, Entertainment , Legal and Financial sectors. All work is cross platform MAC/PC, and are cloud based.

SkyeCreative has developed concepts and projects for web and multimedia projects. Web production and restructure projects are sub-contracted and completed under the management of teams of designers, through digital imaging and web content editing. SkyeCreative uses information design knowledge as a bridge between creative people and business people for financial planning and reporting, proposals and presentations, research/project planning, and conferencing. We work with clients on the East and West coasts simultaneously as well as remote work done for clients all over the US and UK.

Other recent projects were personalized online training programs for groups and individuals, specifically designed to teach MS Office integration and project management, presentation/Internet conferencing/research, and integrated software management. Tutorials were also created in conjunction with deadline driven projects i.e training sales groups on PowerPoint for road shows and educators. These tutorials are compiled from online and previous training courses, with podcasts and streaming media also being included along with video.

Currently doing production for home-schooling/virtual education resource site for grades K-12. SkyeCreative also recently started a virtual marketing project for nightlife and wellness events and products and professional markets.

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