PowerPoint 2013 Online 2 hour class – $80

Do you need to learn the basics of Powerpoint, but aren’t sure you have time to take a class? SkyeCreative can help!

We offer Group 2 hour classes to suit your needs. There is a flat fee for the class of $80 payable by Debit/Credit card (if you need to cancel after you have paid for a class, refund can be issued immediately or you can take the class another day!).

You will learn the basics of PowerPoint 2013, and is fully integrated with Android, iOS, PC and Mac versions of Powerpoint 2013.

Registration is simple: fill out the form below. Sign up for a Google account, as we use Google Hangouts for the audio portion of the class.

This class will teach you the basics of Powerpoint and how to integrate your documents with cloud based storage. Its great for beginners who need to learn for school or work.

We offer more in depth tutorials for Office 2013 and 2016 for $80 for private one-on-one classes based on your schedule.

What you will need is the 2013 version of Powerpoint (you can download the trial for 60 days) You will need Google Hangouts for the audio feed and TeamViewer 11 for video. All apps are free!

We encourage our students to create a Google account when they register, if they don’t already have one. Once you complete the registration form, the payment link is below. Once we receive payment, you will be given the Google Hangout link for audio and TeamViewer 11 link for interactive Video.

OUR NEXT CLASS IS SATURDAY, JULY 16TH, AT 11AM EST. For those on the West Coast: 8AM PST,  for those in the UK 4pm GMT. We have a few spots left so be sure to register soon.

Please fill out the form below to register. Payment link is below. As soon as we receive both, you will be given class information 1 hr before start time. The list for the class closes 1 hr before start time.

Please click the Powerpoint image for payment link. You will receive an email and phone number confirming your registration.