PrePaid part time flat fee Digital Admin

Flat fee for 25 hours weekly work time for independent projects. 1099 ok.

Areas include (along with customized projects)

Word/Excel/Powerpoint training, any level

Virtual admin services (email, faxing, correspondence, call forwarding/reception/answering service)

Presentations including Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi

Video presentations and online learning modules/teaching materials

Social Media content production and management

Facebook Ads management

Graphic Design services for print/web/mobile

Email marketing management

Website (basic mobile/web sites..some e-commerce for Shopify/Etsy/Selz)

Merchandise design (clothing, signage)

Uses Google Calendar/Hangouts, Doodle for mobile scheduling, MS Office 2013 PC, Adobe CC, Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive, TeamViewer 11 for remote access to your local computer/server, interactive meetings (for powerpoint/keynote/prezi)

Please make sure you have your project dates ready and Project description emailed to us. Once payment and your specifications are received your 25 hours begin when your booking starts. We currently book 2 weeks ahead.

If we cannot accommodate your project your money will be refunded.

If your project is large in scale please try to break up into 25 hour blocks that can be scheduled.

Samples of work at

NOTE: Any hours for the project over 25 hours will be billed by hour for $35 an hour, and invoiced at the end of the project.

To Book your production time please go to: