Prezi Presentation Basics- Online 2 hour class – $60

Are you a small business owner or sole proprietor who is looking to learn Prezi as a way of bringing new life to your presentations?

We offer Group Classes with multiple 2 hour classes to suit your needs. There is a flat fee for the class of $60 payable with Debit/Credit card orGoogle Wallet (if you need to cancel after you have paid for a class, refund can be issued immediately or you can take the class another day!).

Registration is simple: fill out the form below and what time you are available for class. Sign up for a MSN and Google account, and make sure you sign up with Google Wallet to pay for your classes.

You will learn the functions and best practices for Prezi, as well as how to integrate Powerpoint and Keynote presentations into Prezi. You will also learn to manage online multimedia assets to make your Prezis unforgettable.

There’s no need to download or install any programs. You will need Google Hangouts for the audio feed and TeamViewer 11 for video. All apps are free!

We encourage our students to create a Google and MSN account when they register. Once you complete the registration form, you will be sent a payment request with Google Wallet. Once we receive payment, you will be given the Google Hangout link for audio and TeamViewer 11 link for Video.

Please fill out the form below to register. A payment link will be sent to your email address after we receive your information.