Custom Website and Social Media package for Small Business

If you are a small business on a budget and need a website, social media pages, blog and media presence, please fill out the form below. We are currently seeking businesses that are looking to have their site and pages up and running for the holidays.

Flat fees for sites start at $450 and increase with add ons. We offer quick turnaround based on your need, can get you set up with a domain if  you don’t already have one. After your project, your web service for the domain and copying hosting to your domain is $30 a month. Your domain is good for a year and you can update your site easily.

Add ons include social media linking so one post goes to all outlets, logo creation, and media site linking. The form below will help us assess your need and give you  a detailed quote. All web designs are tested offline before placed on the site live and you have the option of testing the site with the designer live so make sure all links and design elements work properly. Turnaround time, if all client materials are in, is approximately 5 days, and we are ready to take projects as of November 30, 2014.

Based on quote, a 25% deposit to start work, balance upon link going live. Payable via Square or Google Wallet. Please fill out the form below for an immediate quote.








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